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Caesar’s Challenge
June 8, 2009, 2:48 pm
Filed under: Packet Challenge

Here’s another packet challenge for you all and this one is a real doozy. It was sent to me by Davy Douhine, (@ddouhine on twitter) winner of the last challenge. I think your going to have a good time pulling this one apart. Enjoy.

4500 00c8 21c4 4000 8006 dee4 c0a8 3c01
c0a8 3c35 0014 0841 ea5d efe1 32e0 3fa1
5018 ffff 2c6d 0000 1f8b 0808 d92d 074a
0203 6669 6c65 005d 8ecb 9104 210c 43ef
1385 4210 fe01 e1b8 7ae8 fc43 1871 d8cb
faa0 924b cf82 4812 6419 3aaa e5b4 2e8e
81fd ec8d 87bd e00f c79f f344 767d 41a3
098e 034f f31b 0c39 3f88 9e89 3a46 18dd
af28 706f f8f0 82f7 5db7 d2d0 fc17 634c
54d6 914c 43ed 72c4 532f 6a72 c329 4925
48cb db9c 8564 2cc4 1baf b81c 7a5c cde9
b7af f4b5 5882 c5f9 45c4 852e 62b1 3f3f
c173 e305 f500 0000

Email chris(dot)christianson@gmail(dot)com with the answer.


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Answer sent. Hope it’s right 🙂

Comment by alecwaters

Quite a few steps but fun! Gives me a chance to learn something new and use skills I don’t necessarily get to use every day. =)

Comment by LonerVamp

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